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O U R    G O O D S


A chafer comes with: a water pan, lid with handle, and two serton cups.

Put the water pan in a chafer and fill it with hot water one inch high. Then place the sterons under the chafer and light with a long arm lighter. The water will take apporixmately twenty minutes to heat. Once the water is warm, place the hot/warm food in the food pan and palce in the chafer over the water. The sterno will keep the food warm up to four hours. Please check water level in the pan throughout the four hours to avoid burning the water pan. When the event is done make sure to extinguish the sterno.

(PLEASE NOTE: if food is not hot/warm the food will take approximently fourty to sixty minutes to become warm depending upon the food)


If you have any questions and or concerns on how to use a chafer please give us a call at 702.871.5503 and we would love to he in anyway

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