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Dream and it will happen

When an opportunity presents itself you can either run with it, or let it pass by and forever maintain the questions of what if. In starting A'Kaya, we took a leap of faith and ran with the simple idea of creating memorable events for our customers. 

A'Kaya maintains a deep personal meaning. A'Kaya started with hugs and kisses to our children and grandchildren, all whose names begin with KAY-. A'Kaya is also our Navajo tribe's word for canyon. Just as with our name, our goal is to become a lasting part of the Las Vegas landscape and stand out in the party/event rental business.


A'Kaya Party Rentals is a family owned and maintained business based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each event is different and at A'Kaya we help bring your vision to life through our extensive inventory and years of experience. Your ideas combined with our hard work and inventory are sure to create an event that you and your guests will never forget. 


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