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Event Planning Guide

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. This list simply provides ideas to consider so you can select the venue that best fits your event needs.



  • Reception Area

  • Theater/ Meeting Room

  • Dinning Area



  • Exclusive caterers?

  • In-house tables/linens/chairs? If so, check out the quality and colors.

  • Typical Menu cost per head for cocktails, appetizers, etc.

  • Bar tender charges?

  • Serving charges?

  • Cake cutting charges?

  • Minimum food and beverage spend?

  • How early can your caterer arrive the day of event set up?


Rental Fees

  • Does fee include a set up day?

  • How early/late can your teams load in?

  • Any discount for payment by check or early payment?

  • Hotels should waive any room rentals when food and beverage meets a min.



  • Will you need to provide extra amenities to make the room nicer

  • Cleanliness - poor kept restrooms reflect poorly managed venue

  • Number of stalls vs. number of guests



  • Existent?

  • Fee to use parking lot?

  • Valets - included? Is there a preferred valet company?

  • Buses - if using buses - is there room to turn around, and unload?



  • Will the venue accept and store boxes a few days before event? Price?


Audiovisual Team

  • Exclusive AV company?

  • What tech operators are included, if any? (lighting tech, sound, camera)

  • Cost of in - house AV team? Per hour and operator?

  • What AV exists in house? See the quality of the project and check compatibility.

  • Internet Access - speed and logistics (do you need to drop lines, Pricing?)

  • Cost to use existing lines?



  • Note any restrictions and size dimensions

  • Height from ground to hang points

  • See stage lighting with room dark

  • Existing backdrops, can you utilize these for your event?

  • If a stage must be brought in understand load-in logistics and restrictions


Registration/ Place Card Area

  • Is there a clean, open space near the entrance of venue and in front of main room?

  • How much signage can be placed outside of meeting room, in common areas?

  • Will other events be held during wedding?

  • Does venue have staff to help with registration/guiding guests to room?



  • Opportunity to brand/decorate entrance area?

  • Curb appeal; are you comfortable with the current look and feel of the entrance?


Reception Area

  • How close is the area to the ceremony/meeting room?

  • Ideally a large open space with the ability to brand/decorate

  • NOTE: large white walls allows great space for gobo lighting or custom art.

  • What furniture can be utilized for your event?

  • Will the venue take away any existing furniture you don't want for your event? Any charges?

  • How early can you set up in this area?


Other Clients

  • Who else has held events at this venue in recent months?

  • Testimonials? Can you contact references?

  • Has a major competitor hosted parties at this venue for a similar client base?

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